Fuel Tank Retrofit

Fuel Tank Retrofit Warren Elliott 8/1/2000 Hull #: 44 The following article by Warren Elliott describes replacing the fuel tank. The original fuel tank actually had a 26gallon fuel capacity as marked on the tank itself. Lift up the aft cabin mattress and port side tank cover to check the capacity of your own boat to be sure what you have! Twenty-six gallons was considered inadequate by both early owners and Catalina so a larger 34 gallon tank was specified in later models. This new tank can be ordered from the factory and retrofitted into the earlier models. This article, kindly submitted by Warren Elliott, explains how to make the retrofit yourself.-Scott Procedure- In addition to standard tools, you should have anti-seize or equivalent to seal the fittings. This should be used anywhere dissimilar metals are fastened such as brass and aluminum. Step I. Configure the new tank. On your

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