Companionway Hatch Cover Repair

I wanted to share with all of you the outcome of the companionway hatch cover that I wrote about a few weeks ago. Here is what I said at the time. Mine, a 2000, hull 226, I guess is what Warren described as the “old” slider version, which is all smoked acrylic. I have a similar problem –hatch sticks and, depending on the weather, it is almost impossible to open and close. Two companies in the yard (general maintenance and a fiberglass expert) have looked at the hatch and the hatch frame and both concluded that the “sticking” problem is caused by a structural problem with the framing. According to both, the cabin hatch frame has a wood base that the hatch frame screws into. According to one person who looked at the framing, a certain amount of non-orthodox adjustments were made to build up the frame to accommodate the

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One thought on “Companionway Hatch Cover Repair

  1. I had the same problem with Sea Change, my Catalina 380. Removed the rotten plywood and replace it with HDPE runners, made from similar material to a plastic cutting board. Since the stuff has a petroleum base, it seems almost self lubricating and hatch now slides effortlessly.