Keel Bolt Torquing – Special Torquing Wrench

Checking the torque on the keel bolts presents interesting challenges. First is the problem of creating a socket that will extend the length of the portion of the keel bolt that is showing in order to reach the 1″ keel bolt itself. Secondly, you need a torque wrench capabile of measuring the required torque. You also need a cheater bar or torque multiplier to exert enough force to achieve the number. I have not found a force multiplier, however, that will fit in the tight space available. As to how much torque to apply: “From everything I could research I was aiming for 235-250 ft lbs of torque Paul” A few of our captains have created their own wrenches: On the keel bolt question, if the boat is on the hard it maybe more desirable but I had good luck with mine while in the water. On my

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