Engine Stalling Problem – Discussion

My westerbeke 42b has run for years flawlessly. Several days ago it began to stall. Suspected it was starved fotbfeul and I raced primary an secondary filters. They came out black and grimy. Since then engine still stalls after running at 3/4 throttle for 15 minutes. Seems starved for fuel. Any ideas?   Check that the electric fuel pump is working. I had a loose connection on the fuel pump wiring that caused a similar problem. Fuel pump should click during glow plug operation and when the engine is running. Paul McManus Sea Sea Rider C380 #185 Port Orchard, WA   I had the same problem. It was a clogged fuel line with lots of gunk inside the fuel tank. You will need to clean the line and the tank, and replace both filters. I had the work done by a mechanic. He also recommended a fuel additive to prevent

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