Refrigerator door replacement

I have also been fighting the refrigerator door. It has to be defrosted weekly. The gasket material had been replaced by previous owners with weather-stripping. The hinge side gasket gets pushed off when you close the door, our door is warped from latching down at the top left corner with a noticeable gap around lower right corner. I was looking at a screw down hatch latch for the lower corner and decided to order the stainless steel door with commercial latch from Catalina. (I passed it off as a birthday present for my wife…she LOVED it) It is a special production part based on your hull number and was ordered JUST LAST WEEK! I can’t wait to get it. Cost is $505 plus shipping (Gulp) but over the next 10 years or so there is no doubt we will appreciate it. John C-380 #105 Lucky Star

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