Solar Panel Questions and Suggestions

This is the first question I’ve seen that asks what to do with excess energy… From George Anderson,¬ C387 Sunlife,¬ Gulfport Florida I am in the midst of some systems upgrades and improvements on my C387 and put this out to the group. I am definitely adding solar panels and Blue Sky MPPT controllers are my preference in part due to of all of their products I have purchase over the last two boats they ¬ have given not any problems, their customer service is great and they are made in the US in colorado. The wind generator a Rutland 1200 delivers¬ 3 phase AC¬ ( an advantage in having the ability to run smaller gauge wire for the arch to the controller )and comes with their own MPPT ¬ controller which is capable of handling an additional Solar input as well as quiet ( one of my dock mates

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