Overheating from Fouled Heat Exchanger

Yanmar Heat Exchanger Fouling

There has been some discussion on the Yahoo List regarding overheating due to fouling of the fresh water side (antifreeze side) of the heat exchanger.  It turns out that this problem is not isolated to the C380/387.  The May 2009 Mainsheet has an extensive article in the C470 section regarding a similar problem.   It appears as a brown film, or sludge, on the freshwater side of the bundle.  The source or origin is unknown.  It had been proposed that this is a left over coating from the manufacturing process that is supposed to be cleaned during the commissioning process.  However, I discussed that theory with Richard Mastry of Mastry Engines in St.   Petersburg, who supplies engines to Catalina, and he was unaware of it.  However, he did say that captains should be careful not to over-prop so the engines run at rated rpm’s, mix antifreeze to

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