Wind Generator Installation

Here’s one example from Warren Elliott: As to pole mounting, it’s adjacent to middle of aft seat, with attachment to rail forming aft-most part of seat’s back-rest. Attachment is from Edson & uses a couple of C-clamps with special “adapter” which grabs rail. At bottom, pole is supported/attached to hull with Edson’s swivel-type surface mount. Also used Edson’s tall pole…11 1/2 feet as I recall. Used this pole to get radar beam sufficiently above boom & bow per my radar antenna background. Garhauer has similar parts, although somewhat shorter pole, but probably considerably less $. BTW, wind gen is “Air-X”, not a “big” unit as some. If you are going to install a big gen & radar, then you’d definitely need the longer Edson pole or equivalent to have sufficient space. If wind gen only, smaller/ shorter pole is ok.  

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