Creating Your Own Post (with pictures)

As a member of the Catalina380 International Association, you now have the ability to add to the web site any information that you think would be helpful to the rest of the group.  We call these “posts”.  In fact, the more participation we can get in this activity, the more valuable the site will be.  I want this to be a living/growing tool for our members.

Note: Though you can copy text from a MS Word document, cutting-and-pasting will not bring over pictures and special formatting.  When you do this, bold, italics, centering, paragraph breaks will generally work.  Numbered lists will come over but generally with unexpected results.  When copying-and-pasting, be sure to use the “Visual” tab discussed below.

Here is how you create a post:

First look at the top left of the screen and you will see a menu that is only available when you are logged in:

Mouse-over “+ New” and the click on “Post” to take you to the New Post page.  You will notice that the format of this is different from the actual site and was originally designed as an administrative page but certainly not too difficult for the our members to use.

Most of the screen is self-explanatory, i.e. give the post a title and then write your text.  If you want to just save a draft and come back later and finish it up or edit it, you can do this.

Note that you have access to either a “Visual” tab or an “HTML” tab.  I recommend you use the “Visual” tab (the default) unless you really know HTML and need to do something that the system otherwise can’t do for you.

For the “Magic Members” widget on the right, please check the Members checkbox.  The system will automatically restrict your text to just the first 150 words for non-members buta allow members to see the entire post.

Also leave “CryptX” unchecked.  In this way, any email address you may have in the post will be hidden from SpamBots though users will still be able to click on them to create an email message.

Ignore the “Format” widget and leave the default to “Standard”.

When you are finished, you should also categorize your post to facilitate our members’ ability to find your information.  In the “Categories” widget (lower right of the screen – you may need to scroll down), identify as closely as you can, how the post should be categorized. If you think we need additional categories, email me and I will add it.

Click on either “Save Draft” or “Submit for Review” depending on whether you are finished with the writing.

Add a picture to your post

As you have already seen in some of the posts, you can add pictures very easily and place them where you want them and indicate orientation (left of text, center, right of text, etc.).

Directly above the text of your post you will find a link titled “Upload/Insert”.  To add a picture, place your cursor in the document where you want the picture to show.  You must be on the “Visual” tab for this to work correctly.  (The HTML tab will automatically put the picture at the top no matter where your cursor is.)  When you click this link, you will see:

You will pull your pictures from your own computer so click on “Select Files” and browse for the picture you want to add to the site.  You can upload multiple pictures at a time with this screen.  If you select multiple pictures you will have the opportunity to not just insert a picture but to insert a “gallery”.  The “gallery” will group thumbnails of all the pictures together.

Note that I have selected the AmericasCup.jpg file. Click on “Open” to bring the file into the website screen.

This looks more complicated than it really is.  You will probably want to give the picture a title which will look better than PS98009.jpg and may want to add a caption and/or description, both of which will show with your post.  Don’t change the Link URL.

I would suggest you set alignment to Left or Center.  If you don’t like the result later, you can delete the photo from the post and re-insert it. Where you want it.  When you go back into the “Add Media Files” screen, you can get to your picture(s) again without uploading it again by clicking on the “Gallery” tab.

Insert the picture by clicking the button a the bottom of this form.

Once you are happy with your work, you have two choices.  First, you can save a draft and come back into it later to edit and eventually submit it.  Otherwise, you can click on “Submit for Review” and the webmaster will get an email that the page is ready to be approved.  For now, we will treat the site as a “moderated” site so I can double check how everything is going before we make something public.  Though I don’t expect to be hacked, I want to follow the process for a while just to be safe.  I am generally at my machine a couple of times a day so will approve things fairly quickly.

To get back to the main web site, click on “” and then “visit site” and you will go back to the home page.

Ultimately, your post will look something like this:


Simple?  You can do it.  Add your own content to the site.