Westerbeke 42B Overheat Problem 1999 – 380


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New to association and getting familiar with boat.  Ran across attachment in documents provided by previous owner relating to an overheat problem with the 42B4.  Called Westerbeke  and Catalina support trying to find out if it applied to my boat, hull 191.  Catalina support related that it was discovered in earlier models and fixes were made; Westerbeke  said same.  I asked if thermostat should still be at 160 degrees if fixes were made.  I was advised to keep it at 160 degrees.  I had the engine services by my mechanic and he replaced it with a 180 thermostat, as specked by Westerbeke.  He argues to keep it at 180; I’m on the fence.  Any experienced advice appreciated.



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Bill Poot




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