air conditioning on the Catalina 387

I have 2 ac units on this Catalina 2008   16000 BTU under V Berth  and 7000 BTU in aft closet.   The AC Coil in the V Berth  that has been protected with a filter(always clean) has become totally degraded; when I take a vacuum and a brush to clean, it isn’t dirt that is coming off the fins, it is metal debris from same;  I can’t even imagine how the ac is even able to cool. Anyway, being that the unit is 9 years old, I don’t trust it and want to replace.  The problem unit is the 16000 BTU in the forward V Berth   The unit that is in there is a Marvair SeaMach; I can’t begin to figure out how the hell they got it in there or how to get it out and how I can install a new like and kind. Any suggestions from my fellow Catalina owners.   Thanks   Charlie Knupp  sailboat DAFFY  Fort Lauderdale FL

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