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Please leave a comment below with your own boat information so it can be added to this list. Note that at this time, this directory is not automatically generated from the profile information though it may in the future. Right now, this directory covers any boats we know about and not just members of the Association. Boat data is last known information.

If you would like to update anything below, feel free to email me at and I will see that it is corrected.


Catalina 380
Hull Number Boat Name Owner Main Jib Keel Location
#3 Mangata Steve Zeliadt        Seattle, WA
#4 Dragon Fly
John & Dana Richardson     Fin Port Orchard, WA
#5 Mordros Charlie Bungard SR w Dutchman 155 Fin Port Dalhousie, ONT
#6 Rusty Nayle John & Patricia Withington SM 150 Wing Cambridge, MD
#8 Perfect Match Cristina Obrien and Kimble Elmore        San Pedro, CA

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