One thought on “Electric Winches”

  1. The previous owner had an Harken Electric 40 installed on our 2000 C380, hull #227 . Cabling was routed from Nav station area, with positive fed from battery selector switch through a circuit breaker mounted behind the DC panel, behind the head, to a cutout in the roof of the aft berth headliner. It was a very professional install with the cutout perfectly contouring the bottom of the winch motor with projects slightly lower than the ceiling when installed. The cutout also provides access to the cable terminations on the motor housing. They also installed a pair of control switches and a remote control plug below the winch above the sheet bag. They moved the original Lewmar 40 winch aft behind the Starboard primary winch to serve as a dedicated spinnaker sheet winch. This weekend I finally installed another Lewmar 40 on the Port side to balance out the winches. I pulled the Propane locker liner, to access the underside of the deck to fasten the winch to the deck. It was difficult to remove the liner without damaging it since there is very little room to get something in between the liner and the deck to release the Sealant.

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