Glass Rack Options


The example above is a C320 glass rack (in a C320).  These are available to us directly from Catalina.   Note that the glassware is held in place by clear acrylic dowels which can be rearranged to accept glasses, plates, etc.  Below is an after market wine glass rack (supplier unknown).  Please contact Russ Monaco at to participate in a group discount.


The above is the C400 setup installed by the dealer in Jim Rushing’s C387 as an option.  It appears to be two C320 shelves staggered with a light under the upper shelf.   Please note that these also have the adjustable clear dowels.  A teak wine glass rack from West Marine is installed underneath.

Made by Dale Hartwig for Footloose C387 #85The shelf rails are AFI Finish Trim Moldings from West Marine, the shelf surface is Starboard, pegs (probably not visible) are plastic dowels, the hanging hardware is SS stanchion tube and fittings — all from West Marine.
The shelf shows the attached wine rack I purchased through West Marine, I cannot recall the vendor name.
The wiring was not difficult to find – splice – and pull to the shelf, the light fixture is a switched small swivel “eye flood” I found on an internet marine light website.



Here is a shot of an original C380 shelf with the after market West Marine rack installed underneath.  Note that it fits without moving the light.

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