Whisker Pole Improvement

Paul McManus has taken the following photos of his whisker pole installation on a US Spars mast rig.  He included a copy of the purchase invoice for the parts at the bottom of the page.
The following information on the pole is summarized from Forespar website:


Part No. Collapsed Length Weight Max. Working Length Tubing Diameters
401106 10′ 1.750″ 17 lb. 18′ 2.130″ 2.000″ & 2.500″

The 10′ to 18′ working lengths compare to a typical 15′ for our regulation spinnaker poles.  The track, sliding ring, lines and storage is virtually identical to my setup for a 15′ spinnaker pole on the earlier Zspar rig.
For alternate on-deck storage, see Spinnaker Rig Details – Som Sikdar






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