Adding a Down Switch to Maxwell Windlass

I believe the proper wiring setup is to have the foot switches control a solenoid with low amperage while the solenoid passes the high current to the appropriate motor terminal.  It also eliminates the possibility of passing the power to both terminals simultaneously (ie, pressing both foot switches at same time won’t damage anything).  I recall seeing the wiring diagram somewhere, perhaps in the Maxwell manual.

C380 #199



Yes, the most “proper” method is to use the solenoid/switch box, not because the high current is switched by a heavy solenoid/relay, but because it avoids the caution you and I mentioned..actuating both up and down simultaneously.  As I also mentioned, I’ve never had this problem in about 12 years of anchoring, at least several times/year.

This could also be accomplished by a separate spdt switch, but unsure if an appropriate one is available.

The solenoid/switch box approach does

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