Advice on swing mooring challenges

Hi Skippers,

I recently relocated our 387 with a wing keep on to a swing mooring in an attempt to save on berthing fees which are expensive here in Aussie. The mooring is in a tidal inlet with around 3 meters of tidal rise / fall so we get anything up to 4-5 knots of flow in the middle hours of the tide.

My neighbors some of who me live aboard are telling me with wind opposing tide our 387 swings erratically, often with the mooring bouy jammed in against the hull with the boat opposing the tide due to wind. The other longer keeled boats in the anchorage don’t seem to have the same issues as the appear to react much slower to wind and the tide appears to have a good hold.

I am interested if anyone has expierince and any suggions on if the helm should be

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