Antennas/Amps for WiFi, Aircards, Cell Phones

I am seeking advice/experience from the group on the purchase of marine antennas to improve the reception range for wifi, aircards, and cell phones. I have read enough and talked to a few vendors (Wilson) to understand the myriad of products but not sure what will work best at the least cost. Also, I realize there is not a single antenna for all devices – aircards and wifi since they receive/transmit “data” may work fine without an amplifier; whereas, an antenna for a cell phone (voice) may need an amplifier to get the expected results.

I currently have the Verizon mifi hotspot (4510L) because Verizon seems to have the best overall coverage on the east coast. This works well but I would like to improve the reception when in remote locations where a weak verizon signal exists. Another case is when moored or docked at a marina that has wifi

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