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Bow Thrusters

We have one and we are very happy with it.  I don’t use it much but when I need it, I NEED it.  We generally turn it on when entering a marina just incase we need it and it is a nice safety net to have.

Ours is a Vetus Model 6012B and it is installed in front of the forward water tank.  The previous owner had it installed by Engineered Marine Systems in Annapolis.  The invoice was for $7,000 ($3600 in labor).

Let me know if you need anymore information.

Mike Gilmore
s/v Morning Glory, C380 #34

In April, we installed (ourselves) the Yacht Thruster 230 Simplex (ExTurn).  The kit was $6300.  We spent another $1200 or so on miscellaneous materials for the project and haul-out.  While I agree with Mike that we don’t use it often, it is pretty amazing when we do.  We have notice little to

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