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Repair of Cockpit Table Struts

I need to replace  a cockpit table leaf brace on our 387, as the cord broke.  Searched our group and found conversation on replacement part for 380.  Found it at ugly fish company which distributes for called a “click stay” for $44.30 each.  Can anyone tell me if they used the same size/part on both 380 and 387?  Want to be sure to order the right part. and at this price don’t want to get it wrong.

Natalie Speicher
No Fear
387 hull #3


Thank you all for the information on the cockpit table leaf supports.  Found them in three places.  Ugly fish: $44.30 ea. Catalina Yachts: $41.50 and Catalina Direct, part #Z2664 for $26.83. Will try the repair $1.00 fix first, but good to have a back up.

Natalie Speicher
S/V No Fear C387 #3

I’ve actually repaired the struts on Rhythm’s cockpit table. Remove.the bracket and you’ll see one end unscrews. Remove that

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