CO Detector Locations

Where do you folks locate a CO detector? I put one down low near the galley and it went off as soon as I started the engine. Relocated it up high near the vberth, but if it is that sensitive I’m guessing that I will still get false alarms. A friend who owns a C400 had to disconnect his.

My boat has three CO detectors.  One in the aft cabin above the door to the head, one in the V-berth above and next to the door, an one in the main cabin above and next to the door to the V-berth.

Here is a composite of several discussions I have had regarding CO and smoke detectors:


  1. Don’t put the detectors too close to kitchen type of equipment or the motor as a little smoke will set off a false alarm
  2. Height – Smoke detectors should be mounted up high

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