Diagnosing Fridge Problems

From Rick Beauregard:

Thank you Dick Kollmann! www.kollmann-marine.com

To recap, my frig was cycling on for 5 seconds, then off for a minute or two, then on again, and not cooling. I found Dicks web site where he gives a detailed  diagnosis process for the Danfoss type compressors we have with the Alder Barbour frig, and others. Basically, these units are made up of five components: the compressor, the controller which turns it off and on, a thermostat, a cooling fan and radiator, and the cold plate and tubes.Often people jump to the conclusion that the compressor is bad before doing the complete diagnosis, or needs recharge. This is not the most likely failure unless the compressor has been tampered with.

Dick provides a diagnostic procedure for determining if the problem lies with the controller, thermostat, fan, power issues to the unit, or other problem. After going through this I

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