Diesel Fuel Hydronic Heater

Diesel Fuel Hydronic Heater
Paul McManus

February, 2006 Hull #: 185

The following was submitted by Paul McManus. whose C380 resides in the Seattle area where the often-cool [cold?] weather makes a boat heater a very nice feature. Here’s his description of the installation.

Why a Hydronic Diesel Heater- There was never a question about whether Sea Sea Rider would have a heater. The Admiral does not like to be cold and, since this was our first boat, I wanted to make sure she was comfortable. The decision to put a hydronic diesel heater in was driven by several factors. First, we had spent some time with friends on their C42 which had a hydronic heater and found it very comfortable. Next, I liked the idea of running small [hot-water] hoses instead of the large [hot-air] ducts required by air systems. I also preferred individual thermostats for each cabin, an

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