How to Fix Damage From Shower Leak

By: Richard Herbst, La Mariposa, C380 # 93

Mainsheet, Novemember 2010

After about 10 years of light use of our shower, the sealant failed at the bottom of the wall in which the shower door is mounted.  This resulted in water getting trapped along the bottom edge between the inner and outer seal of that wall.  This only became noticeable when I was trying to replace the factory-installed sealant that had started to crack along its full length just below the shower door area in the head area.  When trying to remove the old sealant, the Formica covering the area blistered off because the water leak had broken the bond between the wall material and Formica (see Photo 1).  The real damage probably occurred during winter lay up when the boat is blocked nose up.  This nose-up attitude causes any small amount of water or snow leaking into the shower

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