Installation of Rudder Roller Bearings

Title:      Installation of Rudder Roller Bearings
Author: Warren Elliott, Rick Ranno
Date:      8/12/2003
Hull #: 297

The previous Mainsheet issue included some relatively simple maintenance/repairs for your rudder system; this was in response to a number of captains noting various “”clunking”” or similar sounds that was traced to lateral [or vertical] movement of the rudder coinciding with rolling and/or pitching of the boat. I had the same problem, which was solved by tightening the packing gland, as recommended by Catalina’s Chief Engineer Gerry Douglas.

For those of you who are starting to notice some similar sounds, I suggest checking the top of your rudder post at the time you notice those sounds, easily accessed by unscrewing your emergency tiller deck plate.

On the other hand, Rick Ranno, captain of “”Sea Flat””, C380 #297 decided to go “”all the way”” and install quality roller bearings, top and bottom. One note of

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