My Fifty-Cent Door Stop

By: Richard Herbst, La Mariposa, C380, # 93

Mainsheet Novemember 2010

My boat did not come with any type of latch or bumper to keep the head door from swinging into the shower doorframe.  So the door was always left closed.  However, while in a seaway, the latch would work and the door would eventually swing open.  The head door handle would then start banging into the shower door frame and eventually put a dimple in the shower’s aluminum doorframe.  This did not seem healthy to any of the parts involved.  I evaluated the cost and appearance of standard doorstops available in marine and hardware stores.  Nothing looked right and the marine stuff cost well over $50, more than I wanted to spend.  After some creative pondering, I came upon the idea of using a white eraser.  I cut it to a pleasing shape and mounted it to the shower

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