Paddlewheel on Speed Transducer – Discussion

New boat to us, and previous owner did not have the knotmeter installed in hull fitting, just the plug was installed. Boat is still on the hard, and bottom of plug has bottom paint on it, which led us to believe that the knotmeter was not working.

Was able to get someone to watch meter while I turned the paddlewheel. Meter is working, but paddlewheel is binding, and I doubt if it would turn at all at very low speed.
Any work that has to be done on the sender unit is highly restricted because of the length of free cable and it’s position in the forward cabin.

Two questions;

1. Has anyone ever cut the cable and installed male and female plugs in order to remove sender from boat and work on it

2. Before I attempt to remove the pin, and ream out hole in the paddlewheel with

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