Ram Mic P/T Problems

Ram Mic P/T Problems 
Warren Elliott
Hull #: 44

RAM Mic P/T Problem Although not a Catalina [380 or other] issue, I thought it appropriate to bring this to your attention, because it seems so widespread in our area. Agrowing number of sailors have a Standard Horizon VHF radio with an”extension” RAM mic located in the cockpit. In our local all Catalina fleet,I’d guess that half of the boats have the RAM mic; about 3/4 of those weregularly cruise with have one. This is a great mic, offering almost full remote capability, including channel, volume, power level, squelch, etc. selection. No longer do you haveto rely on a hand-held VHF or run down to the cabin to change channels ifyou had a simple extension version [as I did]. However, it does have one fault, in my opinion, which reveals itself in three ways:

when you think you’re transmitting, you’re

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