Raw water electric Head to fresh water source

We have an electric Head that uses raw water. Recently we have noticed that depending on the source of the raw water, ocean, river or creek, there is either no odor (open ocean) or a very strong odor (rivers or creeks). We are considering a conversion to fresh water for the Head. Has any other member encountered the same issue? If yes, what was done to solve the odor issue.
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Any comments / suggestions regarding the conversion are very much appreciated.


Isi & LaMae

S/V Windseeker II


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One thought on “Raw water electric Head to fresh water source”

  1. My wife and I have chartered a few boats in the salt water, we enjoyed many aspects of sailing in the salt water. However, the head odor wasn’t one of them. I decided that we’d have to develop a fresh water flush system aboard Sea Change #190 for our salt water adventures. We are now live-aboards in St. Pete Beach FL, headed south in a month or two.
    I had read about another 380 owner converting the aft tank flush the head but I think I’ve come up with a better idea.

    I removed the raw water intake for the head and tee’d the head intake into the drain for the sink. Any water in the sink is used to flush the head. At the dock, it doesn’t really matter, we try to wash our hands in the head and sink fills up but doesn’t drain. When we use the head, we reuse the water that was used to wash our hands to flush. It works pretty well and as long as water conversation isn’t an issue, we can run extra water in the sink to flush.
    When water conversation becomes necessary, we use a basin to catch water from dish washing and use it in the head. If that doesn’t work to our liking, we open the thru-hull to drain the sink and it becomes the raw water pick up for the head–using sea water.
    It is simple and it works!

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