Raymarine C80 Tide and Current Problems?

We noticed on our cruise that my Raymarine C80 was displaying incorrect tide and current data. Traced it down to the Raystar 125 GPS sensor which was having Deja Vu, and believed it was still 2AM in 1983. This was kind of insidious since you don’t note that the time and date information is off unless you check the GPS status page on my C80. That and the current was clearly against us when it was supposed to be with us. We picked up on this right away thanks to several smart phones being used on board.

After checking around…several experts indicated that this is a known problem, due to a design flaw and a buffer overflow. While Raymarine acknowledged that this was true of the older Raystar 120, they denied it applied to the newer 125, and that it must be failing. I wonder how forthright Raymarine is being

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