Raymarine GPS Not Finding the Location — a battery!

Some of you might’ve seen my message from last week about my Raymarine E80 not finding me upon boot up.  But for some reason being able to find me after 10-15 mins.  Based upon every comment and prior history of Raystar 120/125 discussions I assumed it was a problem with my GPS antenna.  Thinking was focused upon crud that might’ve developed in the connections. And if not not there the Raystar would need to be replaced.

So I tried to remove the cable from the bottom of the Raystar, but couldn’t get it free, I tried this tool and that, no luck.  Eventually I decided it was time to dismantle the Raystar antenna.  And what did I find when I took off the cover/dome?  A CR2032 battery and holder that undoubtedly was designed to store your last known location, so that it would be there on boot up.  This explained

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