Rebedding the Keel

As a result of Sandy, it looked as if our keel/hull joint might have cracked open slightly. I ground down to the joint, from about 1/4 inch above and to 1 inch below using a very fat 3M type abrasive wheel. It looked as if there was a hairline crack in the bedding compound from the rear to about 1/3 forward. Last weekend I undid and removed the 10 nuts inside – that took a 3/4 inch drive set which I have and a 5 foot cheater bar.

Tuesday this past week, the yard used their travel lift to hoist the boat up about 6 inches. Nothing budged, although the crack opened up slightly. I spent the day chiseling out the bedding compound – its not 5200 but is either fiberglass resin or epoxy. I had cut a bunch of hard wood wedges and, starting at the back, pounded a

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