Recommendations for Dodger Bimini Enclosure

Things to consider:

  • All our dodger windows are removable, makes for good ventilation and easy winter storage
  • Use polycarbonate glass in the dodger, visibility is superior to standard material, only drawback is that they do not roll up
  • Grab rail is a must
  • Cover for the window to view the sail in the Bimini is opened and closed from the inside with the actual cover on the outside
  • Zipper on the connector to the dodger should zip from the outside to the center providing easy access from either side when boarding
  • Frame for the enclosure mounted on the stern rail minimizes additional holes in the fiberglass
  • Brace leading forward on the enclosure provides hand support when getting on an off as well as a brace to lean on when flaking the sail at the end of the boom
  • Side entrance windows of the enclosure are secured to the enclosure to

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