Refrigerator and Batteries

Title:       Refrigerator and Batteries
Author:  Jim Seeman
Date:      11/1/2003
Hull #: 123

Refrigerator & Batteries Jim Seeman, “Pipe Dream” #123 sent me the following: “My wife and I returned from a three week cruise in the Bahamas where we enjoyed many pleasant nights at anchor and some excellent sailing and fishing enroute. Here are a couple of items that might be of interest to others contemplating an extended cruise:

My wife found a simple way to prevent water from condensing on the upper access door and the inside roof of our refrigerator. She used an automobile windshield heat reflector (1/8″ foam with a metalized mylar on one side) that was cut to the approximate inside dimensions of the top of the box. The heat shield is placed between the roof of the refrigerator and the freezer coil and on top of any food stored on the upper shelf. Condensation was

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