Replacement Anchor Light – LED

Had problem with my anchor light.  Here are a couple of suggestions…

From Bill Worsley:

From my experience the biggest cause of failure for an exterior LED bulb that has been used to replace incandescent is exposure to water.  That is what happened to my LED anchor light 9 years after installation.  The base of that LED bulb was not sealed thus allowing moisture to get into the chip.  I still replaced it with LED (BAU15S – CW18 – T) which now has a sealed base.  At $6.95 each, I got two.

The other recommendation and what I use as a spare or additional LED anchor light is from (Utility Anchor Light for $35) .  It also has a photocell to turn on at dusk and off at dawn.  Connect to a 12v socket in stern of boat and hang from backstay.
The cost of a new LED

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One thought on “Replacement Anchor Light – LED”

  1. When we purchased our C387 the original anchor light fixture was half full of water. We bought a Signal Mate’s 3NM 360° White LED Anchor Light – not cheap $200! I like to try and fix stuff once, so I have my fingers crossed that I won’t be heading up the mast anytime soon to replace it. The rating is IP67, which means it can work under three feet under water for 30 minutes…which is perfect for Salish Sea cruising.
    C387 #101

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