Reverse Polarity Light/ Dock Power

Title:          Reverse Polarity Light/ Dock Power
Author:    Warren Elliott
Date:         8/12/2003
Hull #: 44

A couple months ago, a possible problem with the reverse polarity light came up on our Sailnet email discussion group. It seems that a few captains had noticed a dim glow by that light, rather than the normal full-off condition or a true reverse-polarity situation showing a bright red light. The dim condition will most likely occur with the main circuit breaker on while the reverse polarity situation had better be discovered with the breaker off [and then immediately corrected–disconnect power cord at dock & notify marina]. Never connect to any dock power unless the main breaker [at nav station] is off; after connection and with power on at the dock and aft lazarette breaker on, then make sure that light is not glowing before turning the main breaker on.

The reverse-polarity light is connected

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