Rig Safety

By Warren Elliott

Mainsheet, August 2009 

Last November’s Mainsheet lead article opened this subject, an important one affecting all of our boats.  At the time, a C380 captain had reported on our Yahoo chat list a complete disconnection of the forestay from the stem fitting during brisk sailing conditions.  Luckily, he was sailing downwind, so there was little adverse pressure on the rig.  He was able to get the genny down, lash down the flailing forestay, and tie-in a couple of halyards to secure the mast.  The captain noted that the 5/8″ clevis pin was gone.  The pin normally secures the forestay to the stem fitting, and is held in place by a cotter pin.  He also mentioned that he had noted that all was secure, including the cotter pin, a few weeks earlier.


I checked my rig and noted that the clevis (or “toggle”) had wandered a bit

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