Weaver Davits – Follow-up

Like the author of that article, after installing the Weaver davits I had a minor problem with the tail of my 8.5 foot dinghy dragging when sailing with a fair amount of heel. I had positioned the davits so that when sitting in the dinghy I could slide the the davit hoops on the dinghy right into the clips on the transom. This spring I raised the davit plates about a 4″, re-using the top holes in the transom. I can’t say for sure that this fixed the problem, but it wasn’t much of an issue in the first place. I’m sure this will be good enough. I don’t have a picture on my Picasa site that clearly shows the installed height of the davits. I’ll take a picture of the transom this weekend and post it with my other davit pics.


C387 #145

I added a couple

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