Winch Rite – Review

Posted by: “Joseph A. Revak, DMD, MAS” joenopain1
Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:01 am (PDT)

I do have the Winch Rite. I only use it for raising the main. It would be to bulky for jib sheeting. I like it for the main. I also have the Tides Marine Strong track system. When I first got the Winch Rite I used the slow speed to raise the Main, now I use the higher speed and it does just fine. A LOT less work for my back. It is usually Diane and I on the boat so, as someone said with the Strong system I could raise the main at the mast easily, but we always raise the Main from the cockpit and there is the additional resistance from the blocks.

Where I really like it is at the beginning of the season while I feed the jib into the furling slot, Diane can raise the jib’s halyard, which she had difficulties doing with a winch. I have not seen the electric winch handle on the bikini model. Warren I have seen some REALLY great premolars and molars lately though!
I hope every one is out on the water,
Joe Revak, C-387 # 74

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