Adding Insulation to Older C380 Refrigerators

Adding Insulation to Older C380 Refrigerators
Catalina Factory

August 29, 1997 Hull #: n/a

Procedure for Installing Additional Insulation to EARLY Refrigerators:

Some early Catalina 380’s may have void areas between the hull and the back of the refrigerators present insulation. Voids area will be found on both side as well as the frontal areas. Additional foam must be added to the bottom area, some sort of temporary cofferdam will be required in this area.

The following procedure will increase the “R” value of the refrigerator.

Please Take Note:

This procedure will require great care in the drilling and injecting of the foam. Caution will be required when drilling thru the refrigerator outboard face to the void area. Drilling too deep will contact the hull or hull liner. Use caution when injecting this foam. It can become very messy stuff. Clean with lacquer thinner or acetone immediately. All drilled holes

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