Westerbeke 42B Engine – Upgrades & Start Proceddure

Westerbeke 42B Engine – Upgrades & Start Proceddure
Warren Elliott

Date: 8/1/2001 Hull #: 44


About 225 of the C380’s have the 42B engine, while later 380’s and all 390’s have the Yanmar 3JH3. Some of the early 42B’s initially developed internal overheating associated with the last two cylinders, causing permanent loss of compression and resultant hard starting or non starting.

Several upgrades were instituted early on by Westerbeke and Catalina, both of whom have been very responsive. Most, probably all boats already have theses changes. But, because there have been some questions on this appearing on Sailnet, mostly from second owners, I thought it would be appropriate to summarize these changes for some who may not be aware.

There have also been comments on the 42B’s starting procedure, so this is here, too. The latter is already on the 390-390 website: www.Catalina380.org, and the upgrades should

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