Cleaning interior window shades

Hi All,

I noticed last season, that most of my pleated window shades were starting to look dirty and had lots of black mildew and bug stains on them.  Replacing them is expensive.

I found an easy way to have them looking like new.

Remove them, fill a bathtub with about 4″ of HOT water, some laundry detergent and about 2 cups of real liquid bleach.  Mix it up well then put the shades in to soak (opened up).  I swished them around gently and let them soak for about 45 min with an occasional light agitation.


After a few good rinsings with cold water I dried them in the sun.  All the mildew spots are gone. They look like new now and I got a chance to really clean the cabin roof where they attach.

It would be great to know if there is anything I could spray

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  1. i bought my boat after it sunk for 8 days. i found that the velcro ties where falling apart so i used a glue gun solves the problem. I leave it on the boat for repairs.

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