Loose Rudder – Teflon Film Solution

The idea is to let the rudder down a few inches….maybe 4 or 5″….and insert a shim around the post, on top of the rudder, then jack or lever the rudder back up in place.  Several here have done this….I used 0.015″ thick, about 3″ wide…..it’s lasted at least 6 years & still is good.

I was able to do this without disconnecting anything, although some have disconnected autopilot mechanism and/or quadrant.

Also did narrower band in upper bearing, mostly by “stuffing”.

C-380 #44


Teflon sheets- carried by Small Parts, Inc, Miami Lakes, FL (305)-557-8222, but they may not be in business anymore. I ordered 0.005″, 0.015″, and 0.030″, applied to base and top of rudder shaft with salt water grease (strips about 3″ high after dropping the rudder slightly using car jack support), as a temporary fix for the season. Total job took 15 minutes. This

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