Cockpit Table Modification

Mine table is permanently stored at home with the cocktail table, cushions and short tubes. It’s too bad we don’t have use of the berth, but the table is too big and all that gear takes up too much space.

I replaced it with a roughly 2′ by 3′ piece of edge glued oak that I tried (unsuccessfully) to stain to match the teak. I also built a simple wooden sliding mechanism so the new table can be slid toward the bulkhead when you want to access the port-side shelf or blinds, and slid back and locked in place for dining.

Basically, there is a 1′ by 2′ plywood platform attached to the posts in place of the table. It has angled edges on the long sides. The table has angled wooden rails screwed to its underside. The rails keep the table from lifting off the platform, but allow it

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