Companionway Slider Replacement

Companionway Slider Replacement
Michael Barry

May, 2007 Hull #: C380 #53

Drama Queen, C380 hull #53, came with a gray, “full-size” Plexiglas companionway sliding hatch, as did all early 380s. After a few years, our slider needed replacing due to the appearance of some cracks. I spent a great deal of time shopping plastic supply companies to have a replacement made, but I had no luck. I then contacted Catalina and ordered a new slider [about $250].

The newer sliders are made of fiberglass with a small Plexiglas insert. I was told that the new slider would fit the older boats. Well, it sort of fits. [Note- the original allplexiglass design had a tendency to sag or warp, especially in southern heat, thus the new design– Warren]

To replace the sliding hatch, first I removed the screws that secure the large hatch cover, then slid the cover out

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