Engine blower timer – Discussion

A number of people have asked about how one might create a timer to keep the engine blower running for some period of time after the engine has been turned off rather than have it stop as soon as the engine is stopped.  The following were comments made:

Has anyone wired the blower to work when the key isn’t turned on?  It would seem to me that doing this may help cool the engine at the end of the day and not bleed so much heat into the stern cabin?

Just a thought.

Tom Brantigan
C387 #96 Toccata in Sea

If you say that it helps keep the temp in the aft cabin down I think I may rewire the blower also. How about adding a time delay relay so that the blower stays on for 15 -20 minutes after shutting down the engine? Do you think this will

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One thought on “Engine blower timer – Discussion”

  1. Just a quick question relative to existing blower motors in the 380.
    Is it recommended to leave the blower motor running all the time while doing any extended motoring to relieve the heat from the engine compartment?
    I am quite sure the blower motor in my boat is the original, but I do find it quite noisy not a bad shaft or bearing noise just plain loud. I have been on other boats and you can barely hear the blower motor running. Has any one had to replace their blower motors yet and if so any recommendations for a unit that is quiet?
    Thanks Paul
    Hull 170

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