Anemometer (Wind Instrument) Repair – Discussion

Yesterday I took a new wind vane and anemometer up the mast (the plastic wind vane is broken). The yard had gotten replacements that looked like exact duplicates from the deck. It turns out that the old instruments (ST60) are attached with a tiny Alan screw on the side whereas the new ones have a small screw in the middle. Upon removing the wind vane we found only a solid stud with an indent for the Allan screw. There was no hole in the center of the stud that would accept the screw.

Has anyone replaced these components, and do you know if the old type with the Allan screw are available? I will head over to the yard later today but it would be nice to be armed with more information. The manual on the Tech CD doesn’t give any part numbers for the wind vane.


Craig Spear

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  1. i have two navman wind indicators one on my 380 in southold ny and the other on my 36 in punta gorda fl. anybody knows about this unit on top of the mast. in florida the birds like to sit on it!

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