Climbing the Mast

I use another method for going up the mast that works for me, a big guy whose crew is half my size. Here is my method:

  1. Use two halyards – one halyard to lift/support you and another halyard with the bottom end fixed to the deck at the foot of the mast
  2. Tie a Prussic knot to the fixed halyard – see:  Make the Prussic knot loop about 3’ long
  3. I use both a safety harness and a boson’s chair
  4. The boson’s chair is attached to the free halyard.  As Phill pointed out, since you need to get above the top of the mast you need to have very short connections on all the tie-off points
  5. Slide the safety harness climbing device as you move up or down the mast.  Entire setups are available in Home Depot that works just fine
  6. Ascending:
  7. Put one foot in the Prussic knot

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