Matching Interior Teak Color

I am currently dealing with this issue because of discoloration caused by battery acid from a sloppy installer.

I have found that golden pecan and golden oak from minwax stain and sealer in one are a very close match on our 2005 387.

Ed Wolf
387, hull 82

I’ve added some teak to the cabin In the past and got a very good match. I look for the lightest colored teak wood that I can find and then coat it with Goldstar satin #60. You can’t really tell the difference. I’m doing some work right now where the old TV was. The wood I purchased was a bit darker then what I’ve used in the past and I can see a slight difference from some angles, but it is passable. I don ‘t know if staining is required? The varnish seems to give the correct color to the wood.


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