Engine would run and then die – Racor problem

I chased a problem in the fuel system for a week during our summer trip.  The engine would run and then die, sometimes 1 minute some times 5-10.

At first thought it was fuel related because there was a little bit of a biology / chemistry experiment in the bottom of the Racor bowl.  Changed filters, twice, but problem continued.  Did the fuel line into the jug test.   This separates the engine from the fuel system so you can narrow down the issue.  Jug trick showed that everything from the Racor to the engine was fine.  I inspected the fuel tank and the pickup tube (no screen installed) and they were clean as a whistle.

So I started thinking air leak. Of course by then I had the Racor apart a few times. On a whim I cracked open another Racor filter to get the new gaskets. It turns out

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